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Traditional Medicine Conference Japan October 2019 Keynote speaker on ” Awakening the Sage within”

Australasian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Conference 2020 Gold Coast Australia Workshop presentation

IEHA Conference Day

Martine was a presenter at the IEHA conference day (Sydney) on 12/11/16 to discuss Energetic Health as the Core of Wellbeing. (

Dowsers Society of NSW

The first book launch was at the Dowsers Society of NSW( Sydney ) on 11/12/16. It took place in the small park adjacent to the hall under the shade of magnificent trees, warm breeze and a great audience of keen and highly alert minds!

Gladesville Community Centre

The next book signing will be on 15/1/17 at the Gladesville Community Centre, 44 Gladesville Rd, Hunters Hill. (

Nature Care College Career Day

Also at Nature Care College Career Day for book signing on Saturday 21/1/17 from 1pm to 3pm.(

Nature Care College

New workshop based on “Hacking the Wellbeing Code through Energetic Intelligence” for ATMS professional members on saturday 11 march 2017 (10am-4pm).

Swedenborg Association of Australia

“Hacking the Wellbeing Code through Energetic Intelligence” book presentation on Friday 24 March 2017.
Specific discussion on the eight challenges of wellbeing.

Book launch

Book launch at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Center at the AACMA conference on Chinese Medicine on May 5 2017


ENERGETIC WELLBEING WORKSHOP , based on the “Hacking the Wellbeing Code”, will be held at Nature Care College Sydney on Sunday 18/6/17 (

Next Energetic Well-Being Workshop will be held at Nature Care College (Sydney) on 25th November 2017.
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My book was just nominated for the 2017 Readers Choice Awards!

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